Fractional - Interim CFO / CIO / COO / CRO Services

Interim or part time executives that can often bring the Results that Matter to your organization.  At times you may need a part time executive such as a temporary CFO, CIO, COO or VP of Sales to come in and assist during a transition.  They may also bring expertise and experience to the existing team due to major projects that are putting a strain on their current roles.  

The broad experience the MMC Group brings can also help groom and grow executives that are the future of the company, that may just need a welcome assist.  This gives them a chance to learn from senior executives that may have already crossed that particular bridge or turned that situation around.

We can supply you with that expertise as a fractional or temporary CFO, CIO, COO or CRO/ VP of Sales to deliver the financial, operational or strategy expertise you may need for a particular time period or part time engagement weekly.  

Please contact us for an interview.  We look forward to serving you in these important engagements.