Growth and Operations Strategy

Analyzing your offerings, the market, industry trends, your competition and company talent all come in to play in executing on Business Growth Strategies.  Understanding how other companies have done it in the past, can be helpful.  The books and studies done by Jim Collins; "Good to Great" and "Built to Last" are outstanding and there is much to learn from them, but may not always analyze what the future could hold.  Clearly if you do not have the talent to execute, no growth strategy will be successful.  Our philosophy is to start with accessing the talent you have to execute your desired growth goals and strategy and your ability to execute.

The ability to execute means you have the systems in place to track your efforts and results.  What you cannot see, you cannot measure.  If you cannot measure it, then it is probably not worth doing.   We can also help you make sure your current or future systems, such as CRM are able to properly track market and sales opportunities and results with proper process and execution.

To enable growth, your company needs to develop operational efficiencies in all major processes from prospect to cash.  That means that all processes in the company need to be optimized from cost benefits to customer service.  If you are a distribution company and not optimizing inventory turns, that just means your competitor will eventually out price you, or if you cannot manage projects efficiently and are not properly tracking change orders, your margins will suffer.

If you hire one of the big consulting firms to help you with this, the chances are they will assign a consultant that has never really done this, but just analyzed data.  They will also have a much higher rate to deliver this analysis.  Hire a firm and consultant that has actually grown and turned around companies before like The MMC Group.  We would be honored to help you be successful with your current growth and operations strategy, or analyze what your "growth strategy framework" should actually be.