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Software Selection Services for ERP, CRM, and Point Solutions

There are many facets and phases to the software selection process. It is critical to have an experienced software selection consultant to guide you through the many phases of this process.  You may have some leadership in place that has done this before with success, but it is always good to have objective and experienced insight and guidance.

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This package at only 30K includes the following services to assist you and enable your success with your Software Selection and Digital Transformation:

· On-Site Project Kick Off Meeting with Financial and Operational MMC Partners.

· Advisory Services to select Steering Committee and BPO/SMEs.

· Goal Setting for the Desired Results of the Project (2-3 areas to be addressed)

· Initial Major Requirements Gathering

· Team Product Analysis for initial capabilities match

· Possible high level demos usually one hour each

· Assistance with Detailed Requirements and RFP

· Initial Product/Partner Selection based on requirements and research (Top 5 Vendors) 

· RFP Response Analysis

· Selecting Software Publisher Finalist from your research (2 or 3)

· Finalist Demos (Agendas and Guidance)

· Grading of Demos

· Software and Implementation Partner Selection

We always recommend focusing on the Core Fundamentals, and these will vary from company to company with some examples below.   An experienced ERP Software Selection Consultant can help you prioritize and plan through this process.   

- Financials and Project Accounting

- Time & Expense Entry

- HR & Payroll

- Manufacturing or Fabrication

- Field Service or POS system

- Supply Chain and Inventory Management

- Solid Reporting and Business Intelligence Capabilities

Make sure you get the core fundamentals right, and then phase in some of the nice to have features.

If you are looking for help and advice to make the right CRM software selection, MMC has experience designing and rolling out many CRM systems and can give you excellent guidance to ensure you find the right fit for your organization.

Software that is flexible, easy to use and can grow with you is critical as you look at the many solid packages out there that may meet your functionality needs.  You need to pick a solution that can be flexible and bend with your business processes without a lot of coding, but instead using built in configuration tools.  Some software publishers have a flexible platform that enable this and some box you in.  Make sure you understand how your unique needs are handled in the software. It is often missed on functionality requirements, but the software must be intuitive and easy to use to be successful long term. This cannot be under-emphasized.

Bottom Line: Do most changes need to be coded or can many be configured?  Your new system should allow you to make many of these changes in the future.

In a Nutshell: Does the software self-empower you to grow and change, or do you have to call the publisher or partner for everything. Which translates to more cost for you.

You need the right executive sponsor, steering committee and software selection team to ensure you make the right decision. Success depends on a prepared and educated customer, an excellent partner and the product that will meet your requirements but also be easy to use and integrate. It is like a three-legged stool (the customer, the partner and the product) and if one leg comes up short it will fall down.   https://mmcgroupusa.com/blog/f/three-legs-of-success-for-software-projects 

Let us know if the MMC Group can help you navigate this process!