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Gallaher, Inc. | Tom Gallaher | President & CEO 3351 Regal Drive, Alcoa, TN 3

A major specialty contractor  commercial construction projects and services.

(Enterprise Content Management Project)

“Max Thomas and my company go back many years to when he was our organization’s Chief Operating Officer, and he consistently delivered value and expertise during his time with us.  In learning of his forming of MMC Group, we quickly responded with interest in his services and discussed a challenge we were facing around the best approach to reorganizing and managing our enterprise content.  As a company that is careful to only engage consultants that will contribute to our emphasis on values and culture, our long-time experience with Max having matching values allowed us to dive directly into our objectives for his services.


In our initial meeting, Max effectively outlined his strategy of how MMC Group delivers solutions to its clients.  He was very attentive to our objectives at the ownership and executive levels, as any client would expect, however a differentiation in his value proposition included considerable time interviewing our stakeholders to gain perspective from those directly involved with our current processes.  This key step gave our team a voice, which enhanced the final recommendations by Max and a created a cultural win for our company.

As few consultants can boast, MMC Group’s proposed consulting approach and its execution were identical and timely.  Max validated our inclinations in many ways regarding the direction we were considering but was instrumental in helping our team consider key details that saved our organization time, frustration, and expense.  MMC Group actively demonstrated that their decades of values-based experience and skill on the executive level combined with a passion to provide a top-tier service, delivers maximum value to companies looking to achieve process improvement and sustained growth.”

CXO Services - Executive & Sales Operations

Henrik P. Salicath, CEO at Fiftytwo A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark

"I had the pleasure to work with Max over a period of 3 years at Columbus. Max joined Columbus at a very critical phase and played an important leadership role in turning our US business from a traditional ERP vendor to a sales oriented and industry driven consulting business. Max managed to grow our YOY SW revenue with +20% and new customer adds with YoY +25% despite challenging times and through economic downturn. Max and I spent the majority of our time together driving the overall sales strategy and tactical execution. I am impressed with the Max sales skills and willingness to walk the extra mile to win. A true customer centric and focused colleague."

Daniel Kutzer, CFO Southern Oak Insurance Jacksonville, FL

"I worked for Ken for over 8 years at the one of the largest Carrier AC wholesalers in the country. Ken was the CFO, and I found Ken to be one of the smartest and hardest working persons I have ever known. He had amazing analytical and critical thinking skills. But equally as important were the ethical and moral values Ken exhibited. He also has excellent people and communication skills. It was a pleasure to work for and learn from Ken." 

Witty Bindra, SVP at SIS LLC Houston, TX

"I got the opportunity to work with Max in SIS, LLC. Max always understands the skills of his teammates and pushes them to bring their best. His aggressiveness in thoughts and action always produces the best results. His vast knowledge in the ERP domain and marketing is highly commendable. Working closely with him helps me to learn more in these areas. Finally, his fast-paced thinking and working style helps you to deliver your best work!"

Ken Callaham, Co-Founder/Partner at Hook Data Inc. Atlanta, GA

"Ken Wahl worked for me at UDC as our Controller - and did an excellent job. During his tenure, we grew revenues at about 50% per year, relocated, changed accounting systems, and sold the company! Ken handled all of this with ease."

Jan H Sennov, Sr. Solutions Architect at SAGlobal Dallas, TX

"Working with Max has been a rewarding experience, as he is 100% professional and a very knowledgeable resource. He brings a lot to the table in terms of general experience from previous jobs in the IT Industry, but most of all, he is a true sales professional, with an impressive ability to set a sales strategy and drive sales. Max engages with both employees, peers, Microsoft and clients at every level, with self-confidence and with a skill set clients really appreciate, he is one of the best in his field."

Tom Gallaher, CEO at Gallaher, Inc. Knoxville, TN

  "Max helped our company achieve new heights, which is exactly what he was brought on to do. He brought a deep understanding of process and operational expertise to the organization, proving to be principled and grounded in all circumstances as well. He consistently led the team to high level results all the while demonstrating the appropriate level of care and compassion for each team member. Max was a pleasure to work with, and we are better because of our time with him."Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Growth Strategy

Paul Ledbetter, Sr. Partner Development Manager at Microsoft Charlotte, NC

"Max and I have enjoyed parallel career paths beginning @ GE Capital. His leadership and ability to navigate complex sales cycles, build successful channel and P2P relationships, and consistently align to targets has been impressive. He understands the business issues facing decision makers based on their role and their organizational mandate. Equally important he understands the risk and opportunity across the marketplace which drives context ahead of technology. Max is a great resource and talent to have aligned on your side!"

Bill Donan, Partner Manager at Data Masons Software New York City

"I have known Max for a decade and worked directly for him at Columbus Global. Max is a leader, one of the best I have ever worked for; one of the best in the IT/ERP industry. He is the consummate professional. A proven strategist while, at the same time, a hands-on manager. He brings a vast amount of experience and passion to the job. While at Columbus Global he helped me with every deal I worked on and closed. I learned a great deal from Max, and still do. He is my friend."

James Marzola, Data and AI Unit Lead, Avanade, Inc. Phoenix, AZ

"Maxwell and I had similar roles at ePartners. He was responsible for the South East and I was responsible for the West. If there is one person who knows how to manage, motivate, hire, and most of all, get results it is Maxwell. I like working with people who are achievers, who stretch me to be better. Maxwell is the kind of person you want on your team to compete with, not against."

Jim Elliott, Former CEO UDC Atlanta GA

  "I have known Ken Wahl for many years and have always been impressed with his ability to access a businesses strengthens and weaknesses. He was instrumental as my former CFO of Universal Data Consultants LLC sale to General Electric in the late nineties. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone who needs an ultimate professional and capable consultant who can get ones systems and processes in sync with a growing enterprise. You cannot go wrong working with Ken and his team."

Julia Fitsimones, Solutions Architect at Microsoft Phoenix, AZ

"I have had the pleasure of being a member of Max's sales team as a pre-sales consultant at Columbus. I appreciated his open-door policy and ease of communication. Max has the ability to build a strong sales team that enjoys working for him as well as respects him. He is a natural leader and motivator."

Ed Crawford, Sales Executive at AKA Enterprises Frederick, MD

"I had the pleasure of working directly for Max for over 3 years during which time I was a Sr. Account Executive at Columbus IT Partner. As a boss, he was great at keeping me focused on winning deals while he coached and gave guidance. I learned a tremendous amount of deal strategy from Max as he was great at analyzing an opportunity and coaching me on suggested next steps to accelerate closing my deals. He knew just the right mix of guidance, freedom and pressure to help me perform at my best. Max was also great at creating a clear and succinct marketing strategy that greatly increased the effectiveness of his sales team."

Software Selection

Nils H. Rasmussen, CEO at Solver Inc.

"Max is an extremely intelligent software executive and a real pleasure to work with as a partner. He is very knowledgeable in the ERP space, and quickly gains "trusted adviser" status with his staff and customers due to his honesty and deep knowledge of his software offering. Nils Rasmussen, Principal--Solver, Inc." 

Sam Miller, Sr. Sales Executive at Informatica Dallas, TX

"Max was one of the professionals I worked with at Microsoft who I always knew would bring expertise and poise into a meeting. He's a true professional in the enterprise software industry who knows that enterprise-class software decisions are made by executives who have an ROI in mind. Max is one of those team members I would want in front of those executives."  

Chris Kouloukas, Business Development Manager at Velosio Atlanta, GA

"Max is an exceptional professional and colleague. In the time we worked together at SIS he has been a trusted advisor, thought leader and a great manager. Max’s insights and contacts in the ERP space are unmatched. Max has executed an expansive portfolio of deals and relationships in the ERP arena. I provide my strongest endorsement for Max and his abilities and suggest anyone who has a chance to work with Max will find him to be an exceptional asset."